Tuesday, 14 February 2017

The sun, phones and vegan food....

So I broke my phone, it's a pain as it's also the way that I update the blog and upload photos. Good thing is it's covered, and the excess isn't to bad, so it should be back in a week or two. There might be a little lull in blog posts, but hopefully I will find a way. It's just the screen, so I haven't lost all my stuff to which would have been rubbish after all the photos.

The sun was out today which is always a treat, it's still bitterly cold, but it's nice to be able to have lunch outside of the warehouse, even if it is vegan. On that topic, I haven't eaten meat or cheese two days by accident. Feels weird, won't be doing it again.

So the last two days have been rice (solo, nailed it!), and food prep. I had a conversation last night about what peoples perceptions of what we do are? Do they think of us charging about on the front line slinging 3 star meals to starving people, or a more moderate view. I hate to burst the bubble, but quite honestly there's a lot of peeling, a lot of washing up, a hell of a lot of stirring, and a bit of sweeping. There is the distribution and the free shops, but they are a much smaller fraction of the man hours we put in. Today was a straight up day of cutting veg for four hours, then washing up for the next four, followed by a bit of sweeping, then home. I'm not complaining, we have good music, there's always someone to talk to and the time flies past, but it's far from what you see in movies. I have free shop, and distro duties later in the week though, so looking forward to going back into camp, and seeing the people I starting to know a bit better. It can be quite hard thinking about that. Making friends with these guys comes so naturally, but it's also so emotionally terrifying, as I want to help more, but I have no power. I've caught myself thinking about how could I get this guy into the UK, or how hard would it be to rent a sail boat and get a few people in. It's total fantasy, and wishful thinking, but these thoughts keep popping in there.

Day off tomorrow, cartoons, and peace and quiet, can't wait.


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