Friday, 10 February 2017

T-May, and Love You

Warehouse today, so fairly standard bagging up baggies of salt/sugar/rice etc. Fairly easy, but damn cold.

There's a bit of a sombre mood around the warehouse today. Our illustrious Prime Minister, T-May, has decided that rather than take in the 3000 unaccoumpanied minors, they will take in just 350. Are you fucking kidding me! These are kids, they are the most vulnerable, perfect targets for the sex trade traffickers, and she has the fucking nerve to say we should 'proud of ourselves' for taking in such a pitifully small number. 350, think about it, for the whole of the UK, 350 kids, the left just left to rot.

This means that a lot of the other volunteers who do case work with the kids are panicked. An example being a 14 year old boy, who's alone in camp, self harming, and in danger. In his mind he has two options, try and get UK papers, probably not going to happen now, or move to Paris to stay with two Afghan men who have offered him a room. We don't these guys, it could be above board, but using common sense, it doesn't seem likely, so what's this kid to do? Stay in camp knowing full well that the UK doesn't want him, so just exist in this outdoor prison, or go and have a room, maybe. People are worried that he just won't be there one day, which is unfortunately the case quite a bit.

There are more people turning up everyday, the numbers are starting to swell again. There was a family that turned up just last night with 2 kids under 2 years old, one only 6 months. Imagine crossing Europe with a new born, and no money, it's just mental.

Anyways, onto happier stuff. Did my washing last night! None of my clothes smell of onions! That's a win in my books.

Also another little thing that's kinda weird, but kinda sweet, but also totally annoying. There's a custom here for saying 'love you' instead of 'thank you'. I'm still a grumpy asshole and don't do it, but it's quite nice, within moderation. Bloody hippies!

Kurdish word of the day: Spas (pronounced spaz), meaning; Thank You


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