Thursday, 2 February 2017

The shower works!

The shower works!
The toilet works!
The sink works!

Good day! Although not for the guy who was fixing it as I hear he got caught in a fountain of shit when the pipe disconnected.

Had a new job today as we have an extra chef. I was doing warehouse stock for the free shops. Basically you know in films about drug lords, there's always a scene where there are loads of hot women cutting coke into little bags? Well basically the same thing, but with chickpeas, salt, sugar etc. They all go out to the free shops to be handed out to the families in camp. It's quite good fun as there are lots of people doing it round a table, so there's plenty of time to chat. Today we had a 16 year old, a doctor, a prison outreach worker, and a student. I'm back in camp tomorrow so looking forward to that too, and I'll learn a new kurdish word too.

Tonight a trailer down the road is having a blanket fort and film night, so we are heading over there with some snacks to help build the fort, then watch aliens. Living in such cramped conditions with so little amenities for fun means you make your own, which is cool.

Another cool thing is I had the weekend booked off for the Superbowl after working 10 days solid, however some volunteers need to go to Amsterdam and my housemate Leo is taking them, so I'm gunna go on a road trip and watch the game in a bar in the Dam. I'd put aside a bit of money to do a Superbowl meal, so will have 30 bucks to have some fun with, maybe a bit of coffee ;-)

Having a good time though my body aches after such hard work and shitty bed, still very happy.


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