Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Back to it

Today was long, and now we're lost searching for a decent supermarket to buy some stuff. Gunna treat myself to some bacon to counteract the amount of beans I'm eating. If I never see another chickpea again it will be too soon.

It was a good day though, we had a bit of lamb, and some beef to add to the curry. This is a big treat in camp, and the food flew out with no left overs. We have a new chef in for the week who's been before, Viv, this means I'm going to be doing some more varied work in the next couple of weeks which will be fun.

Life at the trailer park is entertaining, though last night there was some drama when a couple of guys got into a bit of a tussle. Some of the long term people suffer from PTSD, and quite badly. The things some of these guys have seen is mind boggling, and as such there are a few people that have various issues. The good thing is there are services for those who need them, and it's calmed down since the jungle got demolished.

Just a short post tonight, almost home and not actually that much to report.


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