Friday, 3 February 2017

Free shops, bread and sunshine

The sun came out!
Everything is so much better when the sun comes out!
The camp even looks more humane than it actually is. Also the sun puts people in a good mood, so the day was full of smiles and people making the best of it.

We had bread, which is a big deal, they haven't had bread in days. The bread is mostly out of date and pretty stale, but it makes a difference for them. The bread hierarchy goes like this; baguette, pitta bread, white sliced bread, brown sliced bread, unsliced bread. There's a big look of disappointment when it gets down to beyond white sliced. We also had apples and peppers as the luxury items, and quite a lot of them which made things even better.

It wasn't all good though, one of the last guys I spoke to, Hamid, had just got to camp after a long travel from Afghanistan, and he said the conditions where inhumane. He's right. There is nothing to do but sit around. It's basically an outside prison of both the body, and the mind. Many of them are still hopeful that will make it to the UK, even though getting caught could mean a beating from the police, detention in the detention center , or having their shoes taken by the CRS (police), a game they play to teach them not to run. You see the stitches, and split lips on a regular basis. It's soul destroying.

Was working with Ugo in the shop today as Viv is in the kitchen. We work really well together, so there was much less of a queue than there has been in the past. So all in all a productive and fun day, despite the horror all around.

I have 3 days in a row off now after working 13 of the last 14. Going to head to the Dam, watch the Superbowl, and relax for a little bit, got 30 euros in my back pocket, a place to stay, and the petrol is covered, so the world is my oyster.

Might update the blog, might not, we will have too see.


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