Sunday, 12 February 2017

Back to the Onions

Urrrgh, pretty grim day.
It's cold, and wet, because of that mood in camp is on a downswing which is never good. When tensions become high, bad stuff happens. I won't go into detail as it's just a few trouble makers, and I would never want to tar the rest of the refugees with their actions, and actually nothing happened today, but there is somber mood around.
We had a safety meeting today just to reinforce a few rules, it's all pretty standard stuff like not going off alone, not entering shelters alone etc etc, but it's something that needs to happen. For more info there was a guardian article today explaining about some of the much darker stuff that goes on, you can read it here.

Anyways, let's get onto happier stuff. Back on onions today, hello my old friend.... Also there was a puppy at the warehouse, I've never seen so many people down tools so fast to go and play with it.

Had a new role today, rice. Rice is really important, probably more so than the curry as it's much easier to mess up, and if you do there will be hell to pay. It's such a staple in the diets of the refugees that they are all very fussy about it. We get more feedback about rice, be it good or bad, than we do about anything else, in fact the recipe that we use has come directly from a refugee who is also a chef. It's a pretty damn good recipe too. Thing is we cook rice for 100's, so it's a huge task, and takes two people working flat out all morning to have it ready in time, today was myself and Ugo. Tomorrow though it's just me alone, which I'm kinda nervous about, but i have extensive notes, and should be ready to roll.

Dropped my phone today and the screen is going a bit weird, so I'm hoping it's not completely broken and I will be able to carry on with the photo updates to the blog, be a bit shit if I can't, still it's just a phone. Had a nice chat with mum too, and got an email from my auntie in the US, which was great. I miss friends, and family quite a bit, it's made easier by having loads of cool people here, but still I have moments when I get really homesick. I also miss fruit squash, they just don't have it here, which means I only drink water, and that gets a bit tedious. Still mustn't complain, there are far worse issues to have.

Off for a shower now.



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