Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Pammy! Nothing else, just Pammy!

Pamela Anderson!

Wow, never in my life did I think that I'd meet CJ from Baywatch! That girl on the poster on my bedroom wall when I was boy. She was absolutely my first crush and for as long as I can remember I've been a little bit in love with her.  

I think it all comes from loving Saturday afternoons the most as a kid. Saturdays were great, I used get up really early so mum wouldn't see how much sugar I put on my cornflakes. Then I'd head to the living room and watch Trans-World Sport, followed by cartoons for hours. After that would be a day with friends/family, but it would normally end with Baywatch and the A-Team, possibly MacGuyver too. Mum used to joke about how much my dad enjoyed Baywatch, you can guess why.

She has donated $10,000 to L'Auberge and wanted to have a look at the situation in the area, that involved a trip to our little kitchen. She was very sweet, and let me get a photo, plus what star for the help, and making the bloody effort! The warehouse, and the camp aren't the prettiest of places.

Oh we cooked some food too. We finished off the yellow jungle chicken curry, and it went down really well, both in camp, and at the warehouse. Then we did lots of prep for tomorrows service, with is looking like butternut squash, and pan fried carrot curry!It's Magdalena's recipe, spiced with cinnamon, and cumin, it's already tasting really good.

Think tomorrow I'm back out in the free shop, in camp. I'm hoping to see Rebar, as he's no longer at the guesthouse. He was going to stay in France and apply for asylum here, but his family has very little money after ISIS burnt down their bakery. They had to pay the people smugglers to get him away, and now he has to work in order to get money back to them. In France no one will hire him, but in the UK he has contacts, and can go to work right away. His parents are both ill, and the area which they live in is dangerous, I can't imagine a worse situation to be in. He had been wanting to go the UK, but after many times trying and getting busted (this also means a trip to the detention center) he was going to try and stay in France. then the situation changed and again he needed to go where he could get work the fastest. Sylvie had taken him in from the camp for the last couple of days so he could get some time out, and really think what his best move is. For him that move is trying to get to a place where he can get work and send money home, unfortunately this means trying to get into trucks unnoticed, and make it past the cops/dogs etc. I hope he makes it, I really do! He's such a sweet kid, and he's just doing what he can to try, and support his family who through no fault of their own are in danger. I'd hire him in a second!

So that got a bit heavy. Let's end on a lighter note.......

Pamela f**king Anderson!!


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