Saturday, 21 January 2017

All Packed And Ready To Go!

All packed! Well kinda, still a couple of little bits to do, but essentially my life is in bags and ready for the off tomorrow morning, early doors. Reminds me of my fundraiser days living out of a bag for 3 years.
Luxury items packed:

3 Montechristo Petit Tubo cigars (one for the Patriots/Steelers game, one for the Superbowl, and one for completing my time out there). Complements of Louies trip to Cuba.

1 tin of Old Bay seasoning, because I can't go months without it.

2 packets of Rib Rub, don't think there will be much opportunity to smoke meat over the next few months, but it's there just in case I can get my hands on some ribs for the Superbowl.

1 can of Ting

The Ainsley!

Had an amazing last couple of days in London with some great folk. A day of culture, salt beef and a cheeky cocktail with Kelly. Followed by an evening out with Taan and Lucy for Lucy's birthday, at a Chinese lantern festival, and tonight Helen is taking me out for a farewell meal at an amazing little restaurant down the road. Oh, and I ate vegan fried chicken with Sam, was actually ok, who'd of thought it.
Want to say a massive thank you to Helen for putting me up over the last few weeks in hipster central, it's made the whole transition of becoming homeless, to heading to camp an pretty pain-free experience, and allowed me time to properly plan.
My next updates will likely be from France now. My phone will work when I turn it on, but I only have a limited amount of free use of it over there, so if you want to contact me, grab me on FB or email is

Au revoir!

T x x

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