Thursday, 26 January 2017

Gangsta rap and onions

Today's going to be a short post. If I'm honest I'm shattered, not working for a while then jumping back into 10/11 hours days is taking it's toll a bit.

This morning started with a really good hip-hop playlist, and sorting out some rice pudding. It was nice, fairly chilled, and just got to play about stirring stuff for the first few hours. Then stuff started to get a bit tougher. Magdelaina, became quite ill after lunch, and wasn't able to stand up, feeling dizzy and being sick. In the end she went to the hospital as she hadn't been through this before. It turned out it was just a really sudden migraine that had swept in. The French hospital by all accounts was amazing, they even did a brain scan, and gave her a photo of her brain to take away as a souvenir, that's pretty cool! It did mean that me, and Ugo got backed up a bit, but we got through it. The flip side of her not being around this afternoon is that I'm not doing tomorrows food, to be served Saturday. We have some mint that needs using, so i'm going to do a kind of bombay aloo with potatoes, mint, peas and spinach, spiced with preserved lemons and chilli. I'm pretty excited that one of my dish inventions is going to feed around 500 people, best not mess it up!

This evening has been very chilled out. I played Adventure Time Top-Trumps with Celeste. She's only 8 so of course I wanted her to win, but being so sweet she didn't want me to lose, so kept picking low numbers when I got low on cards. What 8 year old does that! In the end I had to start pocketing the good cards when she wasn't looking so I could get round to having my dinner.

Diner is tartiflette, with some smoked ham and cornichons, it's almost ready and I'm really hungry.

I didn't do a kurdish word of the day yesterday as I was far to excited about Pammy, but I have one today, and actually a rude one. When I was in camp the other day I thought a refugee was asking for cous-cous, so I said cous-cous quite loudly to check as it not something we have there. I was told very quickly that this word is 'haram', meaning forbidden, as 'cous' means 'pussy', and in the rude way. So there you have it, want some pussy-pussy for dinner?

Now in a sentence: 'Donald Trump likes to grab them by the cous'

And on that note, I'm out.


Just realised I haven't talked about onions....
Oh well

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