Monday, 2 January 2017

Hi, I'm Thom, welcome to my blog.

I'm starting 2017 by trying to give something back to the world that has been my home for the last 35 years, and travelling to Calais to work with the amazing Refugee Community Kitchen, cooking for the refugees in various camps across northern France.

Right now I'm a mixture of emotions about the whole trip. I'm incredibly excited to challenge myself doing something positive, but at the same time I'm under no illusion that the lives of the people living in the camps is going to be unfathomably bleak, and heartbreaking. I'm hoping that in some small way I can use my cooking skills to improve the lives of those fleeing conflicts across the Middle East, and north Africa. The role is entirely voluntary, and I will be supporting myself off my own back and via a GoFundMe page located here, any donations would be greatly appreciated, and allow me to stay there helping for as long as possible.

Many Thanks


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  1. Hi Thom,
    How are things in Calais?
    I was so inspired by your blog that I've started my own! I've posted the link on my page so people can check it out. Here's the link to mine
    All the best,