Sunday, 22 January 2017

And we're here!

Annnnnnnd, we made it!
Actually a really painless day. Got up in the morning, went to the station, saw Stewart Lee looking homeless, which was nice, then got picked up by Leah, the girl that was offering the ride out.
Never been on the car train before, so that was fun, and super quick. Then a fast stop off at a service station on the outskirts of Calais so Leah could feed a crow she had made friends with (yup, exactly as it sounds, but the crow was there waiting and enjoyed the nuts she'd bought it), before heading to the warehouse.
I had a little intro to the kitchen which looks like it's going to be really fun working in. They had a bunch of very sassy Muslim girls who had come out from Croydon for the weekend to cook some amazing smelling curry, they were having loads of fun, singing and dancing while making bread and what looked like a keema curry. So that means there is meat! God, I've been worried about doing 3 months meat free, I can barely do 3 hours these days without craving bacon or jerky of some form, so that's put a big smile on my face, though I have been told it's a rarity.
Now I've got back to the guesthouse I'm staying at before heading to the caravan hopefully next week. Sylvie seems lovely, and she has a daughter Celeste, who I'm guessing is about 10, and is pretty damn good at the clarinet. I'm a bit worried about my lack of French, so I've downloaded an app, and am learning the basics again. I kinda wished I been to more French classes in secondary school, but it was totally the easiest class to bunk off from  (goodness, sorry mum), so I don't know that much.
The warehouse looks good, they have an inbuilt charity shop for items that aren't right for the camp, but are available for us to buy super cheap. It was full of Fulham Football Club strips for some reason, I guess even people fleeing conflict wouldn't be seen in them.
So all in all, really nice day to start the adventure with, great weather, lovely people, and no hassle. Looking forward to staying up late tonight, and watching the Pats smash the Steelers before heading back tomorrow.

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