Sunday, 12 March 2017

Dubs and BBQ's

Let's get the bad news out of the way first. The other day a vote was taken on the Dubs Amendment, and by a margin of just 20 votes the UK decided to renege on taking in the agreed amount of children 3000 down to 350. Words fail me, I don't understand how when councils say they are willing to help, charities are saying they are willing to facilitate, how rich people could decide that taking in child refugees would be a bad idea. How do these people sleep at night, and what if it was their children living alone on the streets or in a camp where sexual abuse towards children is common place. For some reason I find myself thinking of the film The Railway Children. When I was a kid it was my little sisters favorite film, and I must have seen it over 50 times as she watched it pretty much everyday for years. It tells the story of kids fleeing the bombing in WW2 London, and heading out to the country where they find a new life among thatched stone cottages in the Yorkshire dales. It's a romanticized way of looking at children fleeing conflict, that ultimately has a happy ending. Now I think about what I'm seeing unfolding in front of me. Children the same age as those in the film, alone, in some truly horrendous conditions with danger at every turn. Instead of the kindly old people taking them in and offering a new life, there's a new breed of apathetic and hateful people, dreaming of the old days but failing to realize that what made the old days good was an attitude that included looking after those who needed it. Where will these kids get their happy ending? Who will step up and offer them the sanctuary they need? Not the UK it seems.Where has our compassion gone that we would leave children to rot in harms way.

Ok onto so happier stuff, the sun is out and we had our first BBQ in the trailer park yesterday. In true trailer park, and being skint fashion, we bodged it up out of what we had lying around or could find. This involved a chicken cooked on a pole I found on the beach and made a spit roast out of using some breeze blocks, tins of ravioli cooked in the tin over the coals, and a few cheeky sausages. I went to bed last night last night smelling of cooked meat and charcoal for the first time in months, it made me so happy. Can't wait for summer time proper to kick in.

Back to work building the bakery tomorrow, hoping to have both walls sorted and build a bit of ventilation as having a tandoor over that gets to 380 degrees in a tin shed will be pretty uncomfortable work come mid summer.


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