Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Bakeries, good news and working toilets (maybe)

So it's been a long time since I was able to update the blog, it's good to be back.

First an update on the bakery, it's finally done and looking good! It was so nice to have a little break outside and do something a bit different with a few folk that I don't normally get to spend work time with. We now have the stuff to fix the tandoor to, so should be pumping out fresh flat breads into camp any day now. I'm very much looking forward to learning how to make naan bread. I've been back cooking for the last couple of days. We made a veg korma yesterday that was pretty good, and a low country stew today, with loads of chickpeas and smoked paprika. Sam, one of the founders, was in the kitchen today doing the rice a way I haven't seen before. It was a heavily spiced Pakistani rice, almost like a pilaf, it was very good, and I'm looking forward to learning how to cook it myself.

After a couple of quite somber posts recently we got a bit of really good news today. The ban on feeding people that was imposed the mayor of Calais was overturned at the regional court for breaching human rights. It's a real win as it means the guys from Utopia can now (in theory) distribute the food we cook without fear of being tear gassed or arrested. A story linked to this that I'd like to pick back up is the distribution of hot meals. Last time I talked about the bento boxes we were putting out the numbers were something like, 150 at lunch, and 250 in the evening. Those numbers have thankfully dropped off to about 50 and 150, it makes getting them all out much easier. The sad news is that this is an effect of the ban. The guys living in the woods were finding it hard to get to the places we were setting up away from the cops. It's really sad to think that people may have been going hungry due to this horrible womans 'starve them em' policy. Luckily the guys at Utopia don't let the fear of tear gas, or arrest stop them getting out, incredible bunch of people.

The final thing to talk about tonight is the trailer park. If you have been reading the blog back far enough you will know that we haven't had a working toilet in the trailer for the last 10 weeks. Well after trying to fix them many times, including soaking himself in sewage, the guy has finally decided to condemn the trailer. This means we are on the move. We saw one trailer last night, and it was grim so we aren't taking it. Today however we have been shown a much better one, with such luxuries as actual light switches instead of holes, and toilets that work. Also it has a deck and picnic table, so perfect in time for the weather getting better.

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