Friday, 10 March 2017

Building a bakery

The last couple of days have been really good. I'd been a bit ill with a head cold and was pretty grumpy because of it, however I got a special project to head up, building a bakery on the side of the warehouse.

We have recently got hold of an old tandoor oven and Sam has been fixing it up, ready to make flat breads for food service. It still needs a bit of work as the outside coating of the clay part, but the guy is coming out next week and then we will be able to produce naan bread en masse, and maybe even a cheeky tandoori chicken after work.

This new toy needs a home though, and the kitchen is already cramped enough, so I asked if I could head up a team to build a new floor in a shed out the back to house it in. What started as a little project has now turned into a full rebuild. Seamus, Laurel and myself took the roof off and rebuilt the frame, then spent the afternoon ripping up the floor. Today we rebuilt the floor and have started on putting new walls on. Looking forward to actually finishing the whole thing off and getting the new kit in early next week. It's been really nice to take a few days away from either cooking or being in camp, and spending a bit of time in the sunshine working with a couple of friends I don't normally get to spend time with. 

The sun being out changes everything too, despite being tired from the hard work, and emotionally strained, the mood has lightened up after a few darker days earlier this week.


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